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“To build healthier communities by empowering youth and families.”


Sister To Sister is a community service based organization that uses its signature program, S.U.P.E.R. (Supreme, Unity, Perpetuating, Eternal, and Revolution) Saturday, to serve females from the ages of six to seventeen. Our programs provide a safe haven for the girls to laugh, learn, play games, and have so much fun!


We offer a variety of pre-planned, character-building and educational activities to reinforce the participants' academic and life skills abilities. Additionally, all od our youth are being introduced and actively engaged with our Y-TEC (New Generation - Teaching Technology, Expanding Education, & Cultivation of Creativity) program, which encompasses the new frontier of education. Survival in America’s competitive economy depends on today’s youth learning to hone in on their soft skills and some form of technology to include but not limited to; graphic design app design, digital branding, video editing, coding, and blogging. In order to expand their education and cultivate their creativity to produce a reality that will preserve their economic future and close the participation gap, they must be skillfully trained in STEM education. While empowering our youth with skills and the knowledge to recognize their own potential, we will lead them to learn to respect and value of others.


  1. To help build children's self-esteem by creating opportunities for success, maintaining high expectations and giving children positive feedback.

  2. To develop close community relationships.

  3. To help implement programs and projects designed to bridge generation gaps.

  4. To help provide an atmosphere that nurtures parent child bonds.

  5. To help develop a community of children that supports each other emotionally and intellectually.

  6. To help connect local businesses with community empowerment programs.

  7. To help engage in activities that uplift the community through public service works.

  8. To help create opportunities for exposure and enrichment for neighborhood youth such as   trips to libraries, museums, historical sites and national parks.

  9. To develop visionary leaders by giving children responsibility and the opportunity to lead.

  10. To, help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through media literacy programs.

  11. To help foster voter registration and education. 

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