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WHEREAS, Sister to Sister was founded in 1992 and for over 20 years has fulfilled a mission of helping young women to reach their potential academically, behaviorally, and socially; and


WHEREAS,   throughout its distinguished history, Sister To Sister has inspired millions of young woman with the “Each One Teach One,” self-empowering motto to share their knowledge and skills while striving to instill the highest values of self-respect, self-worth, self- love, and self-betterment; and

WHEREAS,  Sister To Sister seeks to eradicate and alleviate the existing issues that troubled the children and families in the inner city; and

WHEREAS,  Sister To Sister participates in the S.U.P.E.R (Supreme, Unity, Perpetuating, Eternal, and Revolution) Saturday enrichment program which encourages young women to focus on leadership, life skills, community service, civic involvement, and other social values; and

WHEREAS, Sister To Sister offers a program that engages youth woman in positive activities that boost their self-esteem and social competence while at the same time, creating visible change among their communities and peers.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, McKinley L. Price, Mayor of the City of Newport News, do hereby proclaim March 30, 2013, as Sister To Sister Day


in the City of Newport News, recognizing the positive impact that Sister To Sister has on the development of our young woman, and encourage all to support the efforts of the Sister To Sister organization.  


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be duly affixed the Seal of the City of Newport News, Virginia, this 30th day of March 2013.


McKinley L. Price, DDS, Mayor

City of Newport News, Virginia

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